Charges for Drink Driving

Drink driving has been a crime in the UK for decades, but more and more people are still driving as if its OK.

Young men in their twenties make up the majority of drunk driver and are four times more likely to be involved in accidents while under the influence, but it seems that if a new study is to be believed then women are more likely to be far older if they are committing this offence. The study revealed that women drivers who commit this offence are more likely to be much older and educated, and often divorced.

The study was carried out by academics at the University of Nottingham, and they said that the profile of women drink driving is completely different to the profile of men that commit this crime.

It seems that treatment programmes for women that are convicted for drink driving cause negative feelings in women, which causes them to become depressed and turn to drinking, excelling the chance that they will reoffend. The investigation also revealed that female drink drivers were better educated and had a lower income that the general public and they may have been likely to have a history of abuse in relationships. The scientists also found that people arrested for drunk driving are less than likely to have been arrested for other drinking offences like public drunkenness, and the plans are now to tailor rehabilitation programmes to males and females to ensure that the schemes are working to the best of their abilities.

The number of women drink driving has steadily risen in the last two decades and is now at an all time high. In 1995 there were nearly seven thousand women arrested for drunk driving, and ten years later in the early 2000’s this number had risen to well over ten thousand.

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