Solicitor Criminal

Legal procedures are very complicated ones. Many people even do not know certain terms used in the legal language. It makes the help of a lawyer necessary.

Any case will start from the lower courts and slowly it goes up to the higher courts some times. So, the base of every case is the strong arguments and the evidences supporting the arguments presented in the lower courts. That is why the lawyers who are representing the clients in the lower courts have attained more importance. Solicitors are the lawyers who are entitled to engage in the legal activities in the lower courts. They are not authorized to so in the higher courts. If they want to present some case in the higher courts they certainly will have to do it through a barrister who is authorized to do so. Solicitors Glasgow too is following the same practice.

In many part of the world solicitors can even appear in the higher courts. But solicitors Glasgow are not supposed to do it. A solicitor has to pay certain fees to the law society for practicing as a solicitor. This is an annual fee. Under the law society a solicitor society is functioning and this is the forum which is regulating the practices of solicitors and addressing any complaints against them.

As solicitors are the first one to argue the case they have to do more home works on the cases. Once it has reached in the higher courts, the barristers will have all the notes about the arguments done in lower courts and it will help them to argue the case with little home work. But for a solicitor he has to do everything. Solicitors Glasgow is doing a lot of efforts to understand the case deeply and to plan the argument.

These sincere efforts are reflecting in the success rates.

Though most of the criminal cases will go to the higher courts after the verdict came from the lower courts, the civil cases many not go to the higher courts unless the value involved in it is huge. In such cases the role of the solicitor is very important. He can influence the verdict with his smart argument and a timely presentation of evidences in the court. Most of the solicitors Glasgow are engaged in civil cases nowadays. But those who are taking up criminal cases will have a tie up with certain barristers to present their case in the upper courts if necessary. This tie up is really a blessing to the clients. They need not explain about the case to different persons. The solicitor will apprise the barrister about the case and as he hands over all the document related to the case to this barrister, it will be easier for him to argue the case in the higher court.

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