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Thesis Statement

“Transcend the individual because when the individual is assaulted, humanity comes under attack and is negated. It is therefore the concept of humanity as victim which essentially characterizes crimes against humanity.”(ICC, 2003)

Most of the crimes against humanity are committed by the governments and/or the opposition forces direct assistance from neighboring rivals states. Crimes against humanity, acquires a vast meaning from individual victim to the nations any crime could be a crime against humanity. Today world is at extreme of crimes against human kind. Terrorist attacks, individuals and state crimes are common. These events led to an idea about International Criminal Court (ICC). The idea of establishing an enduring International Criminal Court is not recent. It is the result of continuous events which was happened in the past and some of the conflicts are still intact committing crimes against each other. To be beneficial with a true advantage of international criminal justice system it requires the separation of a jurisdiction sphere from the domestic sphere. The decision to give up sovereignty in the case of crimes against humanity stalks from the conviction that such crimes violating not only individual but the whole humanity.


1907, venue Hague Convention was the place where the term “Crimes against Humanity” first used. Later on its become a “Term” of vast meaning and used in trials of Nuremberg and Holocaust which did not violate a treaty but were considered to require punishment.

The term was never taken seriously in true meaning of it; it’s been criticized for being vague and politically defines for one’s interests. When Nazis attempts to eliminate certain ethnic groups it was treated as the crime against humanity, but Soviet attempts to eliminate certain economic groups were not.

In its Article 7, the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court in 2003 says:


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