Insight News archives March 07 SIS/Maryland Legalizes Rape Dwight Hobbes In Minnesota, a man can be sitting at home, minding his own business. Clear across town a woman can pick up the phone, call the cops and claim he threatened her. He will get a knock on the door, the police will come in and haul him off to jail on nothing more than the strength of that complaint. In Minnesota, a man can be co-habitating in his house or apartment with a girlfriend or wife. If they exchange cross words and she’s determined enough to have the final say, all she has to do is dial 911, claim she is fearful for her physical safety. The cops will come and drag him out of his own home, lock him up and, when he’s released, a restraining order automatically will be in place, barring him from going back to his house or apartment. A non-custodial father can document and demonstrate to a county clerk that his child is being tended to by an unfit mother – let’s say raging drunk or rampant junkie – and it is highly unlikely a judge will sign an order granting him even temporary custody until a legal hearing can be set. I’m not making any of this up. Nor are these rare occurrences. And, in fact, it is not unheard for a woman to wrongfully jam a man up and then comment with a smirk, “This is a woman’s state.” Ain’t fair, but it is true. Anyone who ever wondered what moved morons at the state legislature to allow such a sorry state of affairs to be legal, need only look at what recently happened in Maryland. In early February, with the case of Baby v. Maryland, The Court of Special Appeals held that if a woman agrees to get horizontal with a man and, while they’re in midst of consummating a carnally acquaintance, she changes her mind, well, it’s too late. He does not have to stop. And she is not being raped (just for the record, let’s get something straight, this minute – as long as it’s still her body, she has a perfect and unalienable right to decide what happens to it, what doesn’t happen to it and, for that matter, what stops happening to it). The judicial idiots in Maryland have turned back time to reinstitute the legally sanctioned code of barbaric conduct by which, at one time, all across America, a husband could have sexual intercourse with his wife whenever he felt like it and whether she did or not. They have reverted to a day and age when, in any court in the country, if a girl or woman went alone with a male to his house, apartment or hotel room and was sexually assaulted, she was asking for it. In Minnesota, women finally got so fed up with being subject to abuse – rape, battery – that the political and social backlash prompted such sweeping change that we now have, as I said, “a woman’s state”. Protection so hell-bent on taking the upper hand away from men that it has placed women’s feet on men’s necks. Because lobbyist for women’s rights will turn this whole state upside down all over again, before they will let a court of appeals or anything else get away with claiming, “Well, once she got him started, she forfeits the autonomy with to tell him to stop.” Those black robed blockheads in Maryland. They have just made sure that it will be harder than ever – here, there and elsewhere – for polarized men and women to reach any sort of common ground in respecting one another’s rights. And, mark my words; they set the stage for one hell of an upheaval. P.S. They also have established the ground on which, just like in Minnesota, decent men will be hung out to dry because jerks can’t get it through their thick skulls that when a woman says, “No” – at whatever point – that is the end of it. Those decent men who find themselves blinded-sided by the arrival of “a woman’s state” in Maryland should have no problem figuring out who to thank – those jackasses on the Court of Special Appeals.
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