This guide reportedly reveals the secret strategies used by a former bookie to easily generate profits from sports betting in the form of trading. It has generated a lot of hype and excitement, but most positive testimonials still made me very skeptical. Due to my interest in sports betting and arbitrage strategies before; I had tried and found most guides on the Internet to be useless. So is Jon Close’s system any different?

1. What is Bookie Robbery All About?

This system is created by professional and ex-bookie Jon Close. He specializes in bets trading and spread betting, and his strategies particularly focus on pro tennis games. He describes in his book how anyone can use his techniques to build a small betting bank up and compound returns with trading easily and quickly.

2. Does Bookie Robbery Really Work?

Considering the fact that this system came with a 60 day money back guarantee, I decided to purchase this guide and try the strategies for myself. The first thing that struck me was the uniqueness of methods compared to other guides. I learned a completely new way of analyzing betting markets to find trading opportunities fast.

3. How Do You Ensure That You Make Maximum Profits from Sports Betting?

Firstly, you should never deal with sports bets if you have very little knowledge about the sport and especially the way its markets work. Bookie Robbery gives an introduction to these topics in its first few chapters to allow punters who have absolutely no experience with sports trading and betting to know the main concepts. Once you understand the system fully, you will know exactly what moves market statistics, how different odds are affected as a result, and how you can use this knowledge to make money.

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