Traffic Lawyers

Traffic law in the United States is divided into two segments- violations and infractions. There is a slight difference between these two terms. A driving offense that is not treated as a crime and the penalty is only in the form of fine comes under infraction. A person charged with infraction can’t be sent to jail or fined a large sum. He also can’t have a jury trial or a court appointed attorney. Some moving and non-moving traffic violations are considered as infractions. Even some speeding tickets may also be considered under this category. On the other hand, a violation is considered more severe than an infraction. In most states of America it is considered as a crime. Some of the serious traffic violations are also considered as felony or misdemeanor. These offenses include reckless driving, driving without auto insurance, DUI, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

Traffic laws all across the United States are more or less same. However, these may vary a little from one state to another. So, a person needs to familiarize himself with the state laws. Moving and non-moving violations are related to the fact that whether or not the vehicle was in moving state when the driver committed the offense. Generally, non-moving traffic violations are considered less severe than the moving ones. A person charged with moving violations has to pay higher penalty. This is because; in these types of violations the chances of meeting with an accident are higher. Non-moving violations include speeding, defective parts of the car’s body like mirror, indicator, headlights, and so on.

A person charged with felony traffic violation has the right to a jury trial and a court-appointed traffic ticket lawyer. Generally, only if a person causes injury to another, he is charged with a felony or misdemeanor. If a person is convicted of felony he might face a year imprisonment. However, a traffic ticket violation can shift from infraction to offense, depending on the severity of the situation. For instance, over crossing a stop signal may be considered as an infraction. But, if this violation causes physical injury to any property or person, it will be considered as misdemeanor or felony.

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